30 July 2014 17:30 | By Tamara Hinson, Ed Soluk
Weird gadgets: Strangest keep-fit kit

Houreisen Face Exercise Mask

Houreisen Face Exercise Mask (© japantrendshop.com)
  • Houreisen Face Exercise Mask (© japantrendshop.com)
  • Fit Fur Life treadmill (© Firebox)
  • Eat Fit cutlery set (© Firebox)
  • Hawaii Hula Chair (© ib3health)
  • Shake Weight (© Shake Weight)
  • Treadmill Bike (© bikeforest.com)
  • Walkstation (© Steelcase)
  • Dumbbell alarm clock (© Lazybone)
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Concerned about sagging cheeks? Worried about a wattle? You might want to snap up a Houreisen Face Exercise Mask, sharpish then. Simply put on the mask, then open and close your mouth for 10 minutes every day for a surprisingly tough facial workout that will banish chubby cheeks and make double chins a distant memory. Perhaps best not worn in public.

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