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Twitter index: SAG Awards cause a buzz

On Monday, January 28, Twitter users are buzzing about the Screen Actors Guild Awards, which took place on Sunday. 

Twitter index: SAG Awards cause a buzz

Twitter index: SAG Awards cause a buzz

The awards honored "Argo," which tells the story of the rescue of American embassy workers in Tehran during the Islamist Revolution of 1979, with the show's top award; Jennifer Lawrence was honored for her role as a widow in the relationship romance "Silver Linings Playbook"; and Daniel-Day Lewis won for his role in "Lincoln."

Elsewhere on Twitter, microbloggers who are fans of singer Demi Lovato, known as "Lovatics," are expressing their loyalty to the singer, trending "Lovatics are proud of you Demi." And Twitter users from around the world are expressing their sympathy for the victims of a nightclub fire in Santa Maria, Brazil.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on January 28 at 2:15 pm GMT are:

01.  #JamesLovesJanoskianators
02.  #MentionSomeoneHaveSweetSmile
03.  #HappyLovaticDay
04.  #InitialsOfSomeoneWhoMeansSomething
05.  #IReallyDislike
06.  Lovatics Are Proud Of You Demi
07.  Leroy Fer
08.  Celac
09.  SAG Awards
10.  Santa Maria


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