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Twitter index: Prince Harry leaves armed forces

On Tuesday, January 22, Twitter users are discussing member of the British monarchy Prince Harry, who has finished his military service. 

Twitter index: Prince Harry leaves armed forces

Twitter index: Prince Harry leaves armed forces

As is custom with members of the British Royal Family, Prince Harry served for a limited time in the armed forces, in his case piloting an Apache helicopter in Afghanistan.

On Monday, January 21, the Prince concluded his tour of duty and flew out of Afghanistan to resume civil duties in the UK. Following the conclusion of his time in the armed services, Prince Harry, who was known as Captain Wales while serving, has given interviews to numerous media outlets, and Twitter users have taken to the microblogging site to share the news.

Elsewhere on Twitter, microbloggers are posing questions to Ryan Fletcher, bass player in pop-rock band Lawson, under the hashtag "#AskLawsonRyan." Fletcher started the question and answer session after tweeting, "On my way to the airport bored in the car... How about an#AskLawsonRyan chaaaa feel!? so not cool enough to say that. Anyway GO!" from his verified account @LawsonRyan.

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