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Twitter index: microbloggers mourn end of Twinkies, Ding Dongs

On Friday, November 16, Twitter users are reacting to the breaking news that Hostess, the maker of snacks such as Twinkies and Ding Dongs, is going out of business, causing many microbloggers to mourn the loss of their favorite treats. 

Twitter index: microbloggers mourn end of Twinkies, Ding Dongs

Twitter index: microbloggers mourn end of Twinkies, Ding Dongs

According to breaking reports, American food company Hostess Brands inc. has moved to liquidate, seeking court permission to go out of business, after the company was beset by a series of strikes and financial difficulties.

The company, which owned subsidiaries responsible for making foods such as Twinkies and Wonder Bread, currently accounts for two worldwide trending topics on Twitter, sixth-placed "#Hostess" and seventh-placed "Ding Dongs," the name of a popular snack produced by the company.

The majority of tweets under these two topics are from Twitter users mourning the end of their favorite snacks, for example: "Hostess closing down? Nooooo more Ho Ho's? Twinkies? Ding Dongs? them cupcakes with the squiggle white icing? D':" from Scout Finch; " Hostess is going out of business. I feel like I should go home and eat ding dongs all day" from Loren; or "RIP to the childhood brown bag snacks ding dongs, twinkies, & hoho's - gov't needs to bail out #hostess!" from microblogger DJwalkoff.

Twitter users are also having fun this Friday sharing details of the 30 songs they have on shuffle, discussing unpopular topics or personality traits under the hashtag "Nobodylikes."

The fourth-placed trending topic is causing confusion among Twitter users: the number allegedly refers to, among other possibilities, the maximum possible number of 9X9 Sudoku solution grids, however it is largely trending because Twitter users are copying the baffling number in their tweets in order to ask why it is trending in the first place.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on November 16 at 3:30pm GMT are:  

01. #DinnerWithAriana
02. #NobodyLikes
03. #30SongsOnShuffle
04. Hay 6.670.903.752.021.072.936.960
05. #MeDaAsco
06. #Hostess
07. Ding Dongs
08. Feliz Viernes
09. Palestine
10. Jerusalem


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