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Twitter index: Buzz builds for RIM's live launch

On Wednesday, January 30, Twitter is buzzing with anticipation ahead of Blackberry maker RIM's live Blackberry 10 launch event. 

Twitter index: Buzz builds for RIM's live launch

Twitter index: Buzz builds for RIM's live launch

The troubled smartphone maker is expected to launch the Blackberry 10 smartphone and operating system on Wednesday. RIM, which has been blighted by various setbacks over the last few years, will be hoping that the Blackberry 10 can revive the company's fortunes.

Very little is known about the smartphone, the specs of which are currently one of the best kept secrets in the tech world, other than that it is allegedly about the same size as an iPhone. In addition to the first-place promoted topic "#BlackBerry10," fans and detractors of the company are discussing the launch under ninth-placed "RIM."

Elsewhere on Twitter fans of pop singer Justin Bieber are, for the second day in a row, talking about "Believe Acoustic," an acoustic version of his hit album "Believe" that was released Tuesday.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on January 30 at 2:00 pm GMT are:

01. #BlackBerry10 [Promoted]
02. #SiPudieraPedirUnDeseoSería
03. #CiteFCsDa1DQueSãoDivos
04. #SiMiMamaMesiguieraEnTwitter
05. #Cite1Gordo
06. #LyricsWeAllKnow
07. Mundine
08. Zimbabwe
09. RIM
10. Believe Acoustic


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