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Tumblr blog highlights Facebook privacy issues surrounding Graph

Facebook users should check their privacy settings after potential pitfalls of the new Facebook feature Graph were highlighted in a Tumblr blog. 

Tumblr blog highlights Facebook privacy issues surrounding Graph

Tumblr blog highlights Facebook privacy issues surrounding Graph

Facebook Graph is a new function coming to the social networking site that allows users to search for content within the confines of Facebook.

Graph will soon be rolling out to users but in the meanwhile those wanting to access the feature can request it via Facebook at facebook.com/about/graphsearch.

Over the past 24 hours a Tumblr blog called Actual Facebook Graph Searches, created by Tom Scott, has become a sensation after revealing potential privacy pitfalls. 

The Tumblr bog shows searches conducted on Graph that reveal potentially embarrassing or problematic information such "Spouses of people who like Ashley Madison" (a dating site for those already in a couple), "Mothers of Catholics from Italy who like Durex" or, on a more serious note, "Family members of people who live in China and like [the very very banned] Falun Gong."

As Tom Scott states, the information revealed by these searches is a question of privacy settings. He likens it to someone with little knowledge of automobiles taking their car to the mechanic, writing, "The people showing up here aren't stupid: they just don't have the knowledge required to be safe. If I took my car to a garage for a tune-up, a disreputable mechanic could fleece me for unwanted repairs and I'd never know it: that doesn't make me stupid, it just means my knowledge is in other areas."

In order to check your privacy settings on Facebook click on the cog-like button in the corner and select "Privacy Settings"; no setting should be on "Everyone" or "Public" unless you want that information to be easily available to all.

As Tom Scott says, "If it'd be awkward if it was put on a screen in Times Square, don't put it on Facebook."



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