03 January 2013 17:45 | By Jamie Carter
The tech to expect in 2013

Apple TV with Siri

Apple TV with Siri (© Apple)
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It was said to be former Apple CEO Steve Jobs' ambition to enter and dominate the TV market, but as a product it's only ever been a rumour.

And while we wouldn't be totally surprised if the Cupertino-based tech giant unleashed its own game-changing HDTV, a refreshed and updated version of Apple TV is more likely to be delivered in 2013; with the inclusion of Apple's personal assistant software Siri the main reason to buy.

It wouldn't be the first time voice control has entered the living room, but a Siri-powered Apple TV would be more ambitious than either the Kinect or existing high-end smart TVs (from LG and Samsung) with voice control. Siri on Apple TV might also herald a new cross-device gaming dimension in conjunction with the iPad and iPhone, extending further Apple's increasing hold - buoyed by 69p games - over games consoles and portable gaming gadgets.

There's a lot of things that a new Apple TV could do, though the most likely include easy searching of newly integrated apps like Netflix, Lovefilm and catch-up TV, and possibly some gesture-based control for those who'd rather Siri shut up.

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