More Ways to Weibo: Baidu Brings Tencent Weibo into its Search Page

Over the past few months we’ve looked at many of the things that Baidu is doing to cater to its users ever-changing needs. Via its Baidu Beat blog today we get word that the Chinese search giant has taken another incremental step towards improving that experience. It has cooperated with fellow Internet giant Tencent to allow users to access their Tencent Weibo accounts right from the Baidu home page.

The new Baidu search portal, since it was redone last September, has included a number of more social elements and connections to external content. You can also add your own special links or bookmarks as well. You can already find Tencent’s rival Sina Weibo, social networks Renren and Kaixin001, Netease services, and BBSs. Admittedly, it is pretty cool to bring so many services together in one place. One might almost say harmonious, if it didn’t bring to mind other meanings. Baidu elaborates:

This cooperation between industry competitors illustrates how two major Internet players can look beyond rivalry in order to jointly establish a better overall online environment.

It should be noted that Baidu also allows users to send microblog updates directly from its search bar as well. And you’ll find that Baidu’s search results now even bring in more real time results as well.

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