CityOffers App Takes Daily Deals Mobile in Vietnam

E-commerce in Vietnam isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. With daily deals leading the trend in 2012, this year is set to be one where smartphones dominate. CityOffers fits right into this new market.

It’s a daily deals iPhone app, and it’s the only mobile-only deals app in Vietnam. was quietly launched in November last year, avoiding the usual clutter of Groupon-like sites.

The app displays deals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh based on your GPS location. When you click to receive the deal, your phone is asked to send a text message to the main service, which then sends you a voucher code. The app allows you to go into a map view to see the deals nearest to you. It also allows users to share offers on Facebook.

This application comes at what some in the technology community believe is the end of the daily deals trend. That’s because Groupon’s stock price is down to a bargain price, and due to the crash that leading daily deals site, Nhom Mua, experienced recently. Some people I’ve spoke with in recent weeks have even hinted that it is much easier to make money on mobile, mainly because of the charges that you could make via SMS and piggybacking on telco services. Charges that websites cannot take advantage of.

It has also gotten easier for Vietnamese mobile consumers to top up their phones. Not only are cigarette sellers on almost every corner of Vietnam selling top-up cards, but we are starting to see top-up kiosks where any consumer can add money to their phone, regardless of telco subscriber.

We’re looking forward to an especially competitive mobile landscape in 2013.

Find CityOffers for iPhone in the App Store or on

CityOffers App Takes Daily Deals Mobile in Vietnam

CityOffers App Takes Daily Deals Mobile in Vietnam

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