Pixaroll is On a Roll, Now Ships Your Printed Photos Across Asia and Australia

Last month, my colleague profiled the Singapore startup Pixaroll, which had just launched its photo-printing app and service in the island state. Now Pixaroll is rolling out to the rest of Asia - and to Australia as well.

As we’ve mentioned before, no matter how attractive and discerning the Singaporean market is, it’s also tiny, and so homegrown startups need to explore the region as quickly as possible. Pixaroll is clearly doing that, and now ships customized photos from its iOS and Android apps to folks around the region. The startup’s founder, Ian Tay, says that photos could be processed and mailed to Hong Kong, for example, in just five days. Prices remain in Singaporean dollars for all overseas users, and so a batch of six prints will cost just SG$0.90 to mail (which is just over 70 US cents) on top of the regular printing costs.

In terms of Pixaroll’s growth, Ian is coy on the numbers, but insists that initial traction is good: “Currently we are experiencing growth in terms of customers and revenue just from word of mouth publicity.” To back that up, Ian says the startup has assembled a group of early users to listen to its feedback, and is tweaking both the app and the service as a whole on the basis of that feedback. As for the cross-platform mobile apps, Ian tells us, “We’re looking at major revisions for both platforms pushing out in the month of November.”

As before, the Pixaroll app lets you order prints from any photos on your phone, even if they were snapped with other apps, like Instagram. But there’s still the size restriction for now of 4x6-inch (4R) prints, which might prove off-putting to some. With smartphone cameras getting better all the time - and with native panorama support in both Android 4.0 and iOS 6 - hopefully the startup will soon expand its product line-up too.

Get the Pixaroll apps for iPhone and Android via its homepage.

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Pixaroll is On a Roll, Now Ships Your Printed Photos Across Asia and Australia