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iTunes by the numbers

Over the past 10 years, the site has gone from a tiny virtual shop front for Mac users in the US to a multinational multimedia marketplace selling everything from TV shows and books to HD feature films and apps across both the Apple and Windows platforms and in 119 countries around the globe.

iTunes by the numbers

iTunes by the numbers

April 28 - officially launches in the US, offering 200,000 songs at 99 cents each and within a week has already notched up 1 million downloads. On October 16 the store launches on the Windows platform, and by December 15, total paid-for downloads already stand at 25 million.

The year that the service rolls out across western Europe is also the year that total downloads reach 200 million (on December 16) and that the catalogue of tracks swells to 1 million songs.

By March the store has achieved 300 million downloads and by the end of June has started offering podcasts. In July the total downloads stand at 500 million, and in August iTunes finally launches in Japan. 2005 is also the first year in which Apple really starts to differentiate its service by offering TV programs and music videos (both of which launch in October).

Notable for two reasons. In February, the site sells its 1 billionth track and in September it starts selling feature films for download.

It only takes a year to double total downloads, passing the 2 billion mark in January and then hitting the 3 billion mark at the end of July. The catalogue of tracks has now swollen to 5 million and as well as music, the site's customers have also downloaded over 50 million TV episodes and 1.3 million films.

The year that Apple surpasses WalMart as the biggest music retailer in the US and achieves 5 billion downloads is also the year that it starts selling smartphone apps in support of the iPhone 3G. To begin with the App Store contains just 500 apps but two months later on September 9, it counts 100 million app downloads.

By March Apple has started offering full HD films and by November, the App Store has grown to 100,000 apps and 2 billion app downloads.

The year that registered iTunes accounts surpass the 150 million mark, that app downloads pass 5 billion and music downloads hit 10 billion and that the site expands again to offer e-books.

By April 100 million books have been downloaded and by June 6 song downloads have passed the 15 billion mark. 2011 is also the year that iTunes rolls out across Latin America.

The present
The iTunes site ended 2012 by launching in Russia and South Africa and started 2013 by hitting 25 billion song downloads (on February 6) and 40 billion app downloads. And, despite growing competition, the site shows no signs of slowing down. iTunes is now available to consumers in 119 countries and has grown from a music download site to include TV shows, feature films, virtual training courses books, and, of course, iPhone and iPad apps. Current estimates put active iTunes account holders at 450 million who have access to over 26 million tracks and 700,000 apps.


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