22 February 2013 18:01 | By Esther Tan, xinmsn Tech & Gadgets
Harlem Shake Mania

The 101 on the Harlem Shake

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Harlem Shake is the new cool kid on the YouTube block.

Featuring the bass heavy hip hop song "Harlem Shake” by American DJ and producer Baauer, this latest viral video dance phenomenon has sparked off countless Harlem Shakers around the world. There is even a handful of competitions and compilations of the best shakes around YouTube town. From army troops to swim teams and even grandmas jumping on board, everyone seems to be taking advantage of the infectious rhythm and beat of the song to really let loose.

Singaporeans have also jumped on the bandwagon during Chinese New Year. Have you noticed a lot of Harlem Shake shares on your Facebook recently? Well, according to the International Talk Meter findings, Singapore ranks third in Facebook Harlem Shake buzz!

In tribute to our social media achievement, here are our picks of the funniest Harlem Shake videos on YouTube, and a little breakdown of what the Harlem Shake really is.

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