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Google+ trends: Australia Day celebrations

On Friday, January 25, Google+ users are preparing to celebrate Australia Day. 

Google+ trends: Australia Day celebrations

Google+ trends: Australia Day celebrations

Australia Day takes place on Saturday, January 26, each year. The annual event is the official national day of Australia and commemorates the arrival of the 11 ships, known as the "First Fleet," that departed from Great Britain for Australia in 1787.

The day is celebrated throughout the country with various festivals, concerts and the annual Australian of the Year Awards. This year's award went to Ita Buttrose, a former journalist and editor of the Australian Women's Weekly who is involved in numerous charitable organizations, including breast cancer, HIV/AIDS and prostate cancer charities, and is also National President of Alzheimer's Australia and the Vice President Emeritus of Arthritis Australia.

Google+ users are gearing up for the celebrations by sharing various music videos produced by artists either from, or referencing, Australia, posting pictures of iconic landmarks in the country and of course prematurely wishing one and other a "happy Australia Day."

Elsewhere on Google+, people are celebrating the end of the week by trending "#TGIF," an acronym for "Thank God It's Friday." 

The top 5 most talked about topics on Google+ on January 25 at 11:15 AM GMT are:

01.  #FidoFriday
02.  Australia Day
03.  #PeanutButter
04.  iPad
05.  #TGIF


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