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Goodbye Hotmail - say hello to

First launched way back in July 1996, as of March 2013 Hotmail has evolved - but what does this mean for your inbox?

The internet has changed a lot since 1996. An awful lot. Back then, there were only 36 million people online in the entire world - and many of those ended up with a Hotmail account. In the years since, Hotmail has been one of the web's few constants.

However, all things must change. Now, 17 years after Hotmail first launched, there are more than 2.5 billion people online - and it's time for Hotmail to evolve to meet the new demands of a web full of mobile phones, tablets and touch screens.

Your Hotmail isn't going away - it's just changing. Meet your new Hotmail -!

If you're an existing Hotmail user you'll be able to upgrade to the new immediately. You can rename your existing address to the new or, if you prefer, add an additional alias to your old account. If you are a new user you too can pick an email address and take a tour of the new service.

Don’t worry, you can still access your email from xinmsn too. Just click on the button whether you are enjoying the new xinmsn for Windows 8 experience or visiting xinmsn as you have before (see below).


Outlook represents the first major improvement to web-based email in eight years, and it builds off the power of Outlook that people have long used on both PCs and Macs.

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