The iPhone 5


Apple has already sold out of the white iPad mini. There is already a two-week wait for it in the US.

Apple chief Tim Cook shoots down the Microsoft Surface, calling it a “compromised, confusing product”

Apple publishes 'apology' to Samsung for claiming the South Korean technology firm infringed its patents, in accordance with a UK High Court ruling.

FEATURE: The iPad Mini unveiled


Microsoft-Apple redux: It used to be that Microsoft was the evil empire, and Apple the scrappy underdog.

PICS: Windows 8 Launch at the Esplanade

FEATURE: How is Windows 8 different?

FEATURE: New laptops and tablets that run Win8

Windows 8 aims for a touchscreen-friendly experience

Local celebs launch the new Galaxy


Korean firm Samsung is still way ahead in the smartphone market, shipping twice as many products as the runner-up, Apple. Meanwhile Nokia, which was the world’s leading handphone maker for a whopping 14 years, is on the decline.

FEATURE: Local celebs Olivia Ong and Desmond Tan launch the Galaxy Note II LTE

PICS: How long did Singaporeans queue for the new Galaxy Note?


Android is on the rise in the tablet market, growing its share from 29% to 41% over the past year. But Apple’s iPad still leads with 57%. And Microsoft is just getting in on the game with the new Surface.

FEATURE: How does the Google-Samsung Chromebook cost only US$249?

The new Google-Samsung Chromebook will be on board some Virgin America flights

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