Twitter index: microbloggers respond to Lance Armstrong interview

Twitter index: microbloggers respond to Lance Armstrong interview

In the first part of a taped interview wih talk show host Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong admitted to using banned substances throughout his career, including for all of his seven Tour de France wins. While reactions to Armstrong's interview vary, many on Twitter are calling on the cyclist to make a full confession detailing the extent of his doping.

Especially popular on Twitter is a commentary written by Bonnie D. Ford on ESPN, in which Ford writes, "There was far too much defiance and contradiction of evidence and abdication of responsibility to respond to in one column, although I will start by saying that I don't believe for a minute that he was clean in his comeback."

The second part of the interview is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. Eastern on Friday. It will be streamed live at

Meanwhile, microbloggers are venting and informing one another about train problems in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Edw1nS1984 ‏ tweets, "Great. The first day the trains are on a normal schedule again, now there's a signal failure killing all trains around Utrecht."

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