Twitter index: Bowie to release new album, People’s Choice Awards heat up

Twitter index: Bowie to release new album, People’s Choice Awards heat up

Bowie released a new single on Tuesday, his 66th birthday, and announced an album will follow in March.

The single, titled "Where are We Now?," is available to download on iTunes, and a video is available at

The album, titled "The Next Day," will be released March 11/12 and will be Bowie's first studio release since 2003's "Reality."

News of the album and single is spreading fast on Twitter and fans are reacting positively: Twitter user Mitch Benn writes "INDESCRIBABLY pleased David Bowie's back. It's like suddenly finding out John Lennon's been alive the whole time," and music writer for The Guardian and famed critic Alex Petridis writes "Bloody hell, it would appear David Bowie HAS got a new single out."

Pop culture is also causing a buzz on Twitter under the eighth-placed trending topic "PCA" and fifth-placed "#GoodLuckTheWanted4PCAs," both of which refer to American awards show the People's Choice Awards.

The awards show, now in its 39th edition, takes place January 9 in the USA. Categories of nominees range from favorite movie to favorite dramatic TV actor and favorite celebrity judge. Music artists are also honored at the awards and this year teenage pop star Justin Bieber, and his fans, appear in three categories -- favorite album, favorite music video and favorite music fan following.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on January 8 at 2:00 pm GMT are:

01. #MentionAChildhoodGame
02. #CitePessoasFofas
03. #wewantthecampofthedirectioners
04. #ElissaRunsTheWorld
05. #GoodLuckTheWanted4PCAs
06. Alex Jones
07. David Bowie
08. PCA
09. Melo
10. Israel