Twitter index: English football causes stir, happy Friday

Twitter index: English football causes stir, happy Friday

The English Premier League January transfer window, in which football clubs can buy or sell players, accounts for two of the current top ten trending topics, tenth-placed "Demba Ba" and ninth-placed "Joe Cole."

Demba Ba is a former Newcastle player who, it was confirmed today, has signed a contract for London-based football club Chelsea, while Joe Cole is a former Liverpool player who has recently signed for English football club West Ham.

Seventh-placed trending topic FA Cup is also related to English football, referring to a competition played among all English clubs, the latest round of which will take place on Saturday.

Outside of football, Twitter users are talking about what makes them "lol" (laugh out loud) and Spanish speakers are wishing each other "Feliz Viernes," or "Happy Friday."

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on January 4 at 1:50pm GMT are:

01. #8MúsicasQueEuEscutoSempre
02. #ThingsThatMakeMeLOL
03. #ISupportBlockB
04. #Elissakh
05. #HanımlarTakipleşiyor
06. Página 4 de 365
07. Feliz Viernes
08. FA Cup
09. Joe Cole
10. Demba Ba