Google+ trends: Bieber photographer, Ingress

Google+ trends: Bieber photographer, Ingress

Tragedy struck Tuesday in Los Angeles when a paparazzi photographer was hit, and killed, by a vehicle while attempting to take pictures of Justin Bieber's Ferrari.

According to reports, the photographer was following Bieber's white Ferrari, which was not occupied by the singer at the time, when the car was pulled over by police officers. The photographer then exited his own vehicle in order to take pictures of the Ferrari and was struck by another vehicle.

Google+ users are discussing the incident, causing "Justin Bieber" to trend in fourth place.

Elsewhere on Google+, players of Google's popular augmented-reality game Ingress are discussing their recent achievements in the game. Ingress is currently still in closed beta, but an invitation can be requested at

In fifth place under the hashtag "#WindowsWednesday," Google+ users are sharing stylish photographs, taken by themselves and others, of windows.

The top 5 most talked about topics on Google+ on January 2  at 10:20 AM GMT are: 

01. #FiscalCliff
02. Happy New Year
03. #IngressDay
04. Justin Bieber
05. #WindowWednesday