Twitter index: Boxing Day, #imagine

Twitter index: Boxing Day, #imagine

Boxing Day, which falls the day after Christmas, is treated as a shopping holiday in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, much like the US's Black Friday. As such, Twitter is abuzz with talk of long lines outside stores and people queuing at 5am, while others are gloating about having found deals online.

Microbloggers are also suggesting what the true meaning of Boxing Day might be. Tony Lee writes, "BOXING DAY - When traditionally the Victorian parents would put their children back into boxes until Easter. Let's re-start that tradition," while River Song tweets, "Do you know why its called Boxing Day? Because of the Police box that appears to check up on humanity after an alien invasion the day before."

One Direction, meanwhile, is the theme of the top trending topic, #DirectionerFollowParty, and the group also figures prominently in third-placed topic #imagine, which people are using to accompany tweets about their fantasies -- the majority of which involve One Direction and Justin Beiber. Examples: "#imagine Justin taking you on a picnic and singing you a song he made just for you, while playing the guitar" (A m i n a ∞), and "#imagine I meet One Direction and tell them I love them and they reply "We love you too" (Engy Kandil).

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 26 at 13:15 am GMT are:

1. #DirectionerFollowParty
2. Boxing Day
3. #imagine
4. Beyonce
5. Justin Bieber
6. Chris Brown
7. Instagram
8. #nowplaying
9. Twitter
10. Lady Gaga