Twitter index: Australia appears to have survived apocalypse

Twitter index: Australia appears to have survived apocalypse

The much publicized apocalypse, inferred from liberal interpretations of the Mayan calendar, is due to take place on December 21. However, many Twitter users are taking to the microblogging site to point out that in Australia it is already December 21 and so far the country appears to be intact. "Australia" is trending in tenth place as microbloggers point out that the world has not ended.

User Chuggernaut tweets "Australia hasn't ended so I think we are safe guys." User Dana Beech writes "so we're not gonna die tomorrow because its already tomorrow in Australia" and user Maureen writes "Hey! Good News. It's a little after 2:00am, Friday December 21st in Australia and so far no reports of it sinking into the ocean."

Elsewhere on Twitter microbloggers are buzzing about European football competition the Europa League, the draw of the latest round of fixtures of which was made Thursday.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 20 at 3:00pm GMT are:   

2. #RetrospectivaRestart
3. #ŞirincedeOlanlaraNot
4. #OFimDoMundoVaiSerAdiadoPorque
5. #LiesToldByGirls
6. Samit Patel
7. Bariloche
8. Europa League
9. Japão
10. Australia