Google+ trends: end is nigh, Instagram changes user agreement

Google+ trends: end is nigh, Instagram changes user agreement

Trending in first place on Google+ is the hashtag "#EndOfTheWorld," under which Google+ users, largely cynical about the Mayan prediction, are sharing images poking fun at those who believe the world will in fact end on Friday, December 21. REM's uplifting apocalyptic song is also doing the rounds.  

Among the most frequently posted images on Google+ under the hashtag "EndOf TheWorld" are variations of a digitally altered weather forecast from a mobile device which shows Friday's weather as meteors with temperatures of 999°.

Also causing a buzz on Google+ is photo sharing site Instagram's updated user agreement. The revised user contract contains several key changes to the previous terms of use policy, including one that allows Facebook, the owner of the photo-sharing company, the right to license public Instagram photos for corporate use. These changes to the user agreement, which take effect on January 16, came as part of a general announcement on Instagram's blog about a revision of the contract and were further investigated by widely respected tech blog CNET in a report that can be read at

Following the tragic events that unfolded in the US state of Connecticut over the past week, Google+ users are also discussing the relevance of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, which gives people the right to bear arms, in today's world.

The top 5 most talked about topics on Google+ on December 18 at 10:20 AM GMT are:   

01.  #EndOfTheWorld
02.  #Instagram
03.  Second Amendment
04.  Sandy Hook
05.  #AfricanTuesday