Twitter index: Golden Globes, Google Maps, 'Pacific Rim'

Twitter index: Golden Globes, Google Maps, 'Pacific Rim'

Megan Fox, Ed Helms and Jessica Alba are announcing nominees for the 2013 Golden Globes, which will be handed out on January 13. Media sources and fans are using the hashtag #GoldenGlobes to announce and react to the nominations.

Google has made its Maps application available in the App Store, meaning that Apple device users who have been unhappy with Apple's own criticized Maps app can now switch back. Initial reactions are mostly positive: Janine Renee @Janine_Renee writes, "Google Maps For iOS! So glad it's back. Tired of getting led through neighborhoods and dark alleys by Apple maps, "and Vince Lattanzio @VinceLattanzio tweets, "Turn-by-turn nav, vector gfx, fast loading..uh oh Apple Maps. "

Dan Gabriel @20DDan_Gabriel gives a more mitigated thumbs up: "#Google #Maps for #iOS is out! I love it!!!! I don't think it has voice guided navigation though. Also the Apple version is cleaner looking," and Justin Ferguson @jferg tweets, "Grrr. New @google Maps for iOS is iPhone-only, no iPad resolution support. Spectacularly lame."

Film fans, meanwhile, are sharing the new trailer for Guillermo Del Toro'sPacific Rim. Simon Bisson @sbisson writes, "The Pacific Rim trailer? It's Fafner meets Neon Genesis Evangelion. I'm not sure if I can wait until summer," and Rick Gebhardt @rmgebhardt tweets, "Pacific Rim seems to basically be Robot Jox + Godzilla + modern effects... and I can't wait for its awesome badness!" while Ed Frost @Frost_Ed counters, "Pacific Rim looks boring, generic. Cookie cutter sci-fi with characters in Prometheus garb."

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