Twitter index: happy birthday Micael Borges, AFF Suzuki Cup

Twitter index: happy birthday Micael Borges, AFF Suzuki Cup

Micael Borges celebrates his 23rd birthday on December 12 and his Brazilian fans are marking the occasion on Twitter. Borges appeared in the Fernando Meirelles film City of God in 2003 and has appeared in several TV shows in Brazil, most recently Rebelde. He also performs with the group Rebeldes.

Microbloggers in Indonesia are discussing the V-Ixion motorcycle by Yamaha, which was unveiled at the 2012 Jakarta Motor Show and is expected for release in the country in 2013.

Meanwhile, sports fans in Asia are announcing that Singapore beat the Philippines 1-0 in the semi-finals of the AFF Suzuki Cup, a biennial football competition organized by the ASEAN Football Federation and involving the national teams of Southeast Asia. Singapore will now advance into the finals, where the team will play either Thailand or Malaysia.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 12 at 2:00pm GMT are:

1. #6ter (Promoted)
2. #IWouldKillToMeet
3. #PersonasQueNoQuieroPerderNunca
4. #HappyBDayMicaelBorges
5. Ban Justin Bieber
6. #jahmazingfollowspree
7. #VajinayaAlternatifİsimÖnerileri
8. Beliebers Love Haters
9. Singapore 1-0 Philippines
10. Yamaha New Vixion