Twitter index: first iPad-only news magazine shutting down

Twitter index: first iPad-only news magazine shutting down

The Daily was launched by News Corp in 2011 and had the distinction of being the world's first iPad only news app in the USA and Australia.

However, it was just announced that The Daily will cease to exist as of December 15 due to major restructuring at News Corp as the company tries to cut costs. It is believed that some of the staff at The Daily will be absorbed by The New York Post, but exact details are unclear. 

News Corp also announced that Mike Darcy, a former chief operating officer of BSkyB, will replace Tom Mockridge as CEO of News International at the end of this year. 

The news of The Daily's demise and the appointment of the new CEO help account for two topics trending around the world on Twitter-- sixth placed "News Corp" and eighth paced "The Daily."

Elsewhere on Twitter, fans of the boy band One Direction are discussing, among other things, reports that the boys are due to release their own fragrance this summer.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on December 3 at 1:50pm GMT are:  

01.  #LeaveItIn2012
02.  #goodluckonedirectionfromitaly
03.  #WeRespectHaylor
04.  #OmSpikBiodata
05.  #DirectionersAreProudOf1DInMSG
06.  News Corp
07.  Harry Stahp
08.  The Daily
09.  Día Internacional
10.  FARC