Twitter index: 20 Things I Don't Like, K-Pop birthdays

Twitter index: 20 Things I Don't Like, K-Pop birthdays

Can you list 20 things you don't like? Popular recipients of Twitter users' disapproval are "loud breathing," "people who eat with their mouth open," and those who break Twitter etiquette -- "People who ask for a follow back then will unfollow after you followed them!"

Some users get rather more specific about the objects of their animosity -- "Liars. Cheaters. People who disrespect their family. The word moist," says @iKissedAriana -- while others show a live-and-let-live attitude: "Haters. but well? haters gonna hate. potatoes gonna potate," says @Swaggeeh.

Trending topics two and four refer to members of Korean boy bands, both celebrating their birthdays on November 27: Chanyeol of Exo and Shin Hyesung of Shinhwa.

The Turkish Twitterati discuss "Aşk Diye Yazılır" or "How to pronounce love": for some, it's a stomach pain, an unutterable experience, a sleep disorder, loneliness upon separation ... for others, love is a football team.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on November 26 at 3.30pm GMT are:

01. #20ThingsIDontLike
02. #ChanyeolVirusDay
03. #SuperTurnOn
04. #HyesungApeunya
05. #Aşkdiyeyazılır
06. #LPshoutout
07. #BenceKüfür
08. #TurkishDirectionersNeed1D
09. #personechetifannodomandestupide
10. #10pessoasqueamo