Twitter index: iOS gets Nokia Maps, Champions League matches

Twitter index: iOS gets Nokia Maps, Champions League matches

On November 19 Nokia released a rebranded mapping application for iOS devices running 4.3 and up. The app works on both iPhone and iPad and is free to download via Apple's app store at:

The app includes numerous features that are not available on iOS maps such as public transport routes and other transit directions, information on the impact of average traffic flow on travel time at different times of the day and information on local points of interest. The new-iPhone friendly version Nokia Maps is trending on Twitter under the tag iOS where the a large number of the Tweets relate to the app.

Also causing a buzz on Twitter Tuesday is European club football competition the Champions league which tonight features several big name games including Spartak Moscow vs Barcelona, Galatasary vs Manchester Utd and Juventus taking on last year's winners Chelsea.

The top 10 most talked about topics on Twitter on November 20 at 2:10pm GMT are:  

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