Google+ trends: the end of Twinkies, Justin Bieber sweeps American Music Awards

Google+ trends: the end of Twinkies, Justin Bieber sweeps American Music Awards

Pop star Justin Bieber took a slew of honors at the American Music Awards on Sunday night including top award "Favorite artist of the year," "favorite pop/rock male artist" and his record Believe was named "favorite pop/rock album." Fans of the teenage popstar on Google+ are celebrating Bieber's big win by sharing videos of the awards, links to his songs and numerous pictures of the young heartthrob.

Elsewhere on Google+ the impending closure of food manufacturer Hostess Inc. and the probable end of beloved American snack food "Twinkies" continues to cause mock panic. The giant food conglomerate took steps to go into liquidation last week after suffering crippling financial problems and an ongoing strike by its workforce. The liquidation of Hostess Inc is likely to spell the end of one of the company's leading brands, snack food Twinkies, causing some Americans concern. Media outlets such as the Huffington Post are reporting that the threat to the end of regular American distribution of Twinkies has led one opportunistic eBay user to offer a box of the snack food for a staggering $200,000.  

The top trend "Ingress," which was also the number one trend on Friday, November 16, relates to Google's closed Beta augmented reality mobile gaming application. Launched just before the weekend, mobile app Ingress essentially uses a person's mobile phone to make a game of their immediate real world environment, challenging them to collect "power packs" by going to certain points in their vicinity and "tag" nearby buildings such as libraries or museums. The game can be played by Android phone users around the world and is themed around a loose concept of two teams -- "the enlightened" and "the resistance" -- who must struggle for control of a mysterious "power." The game is currently in closed Beta but invitations can be requested, and more information found, at

The top 5 most talked about topics on Google+ on November 19 at 10:00 AM GMT are:   

01. #Ingress
02. #Twinkies
03. Justin Bieber
04. Black Friday
05. #ShoesMonday