Full HD Screen
Here is the Sony Xperia Z's screen compared against Samsung's Galaxy S3:

Sony Experia Z

Looking at the images, there is no doubt that with the higher pixels per inch (ppi), you will enjoy smoother images, sharper text. The fact is that it really doesn't make a lot of difference to casual users.

Sony Experia Z

While Sony Xperia Z's full HD resolution offers remarkably smoother image quality, it suffers from contrast distortion when changing viewing angles. Also, its Mobile Bravia Engine 2 is not recommended if you do not like over-saturated images. Another annoying fact is that the glass screen is a dust and fingerprint magnet, plus with its gloss surface, perhaps you might want to invest in a screen protector.

Camera: 13 Megapixels
Another norm for smartphones of 2013 is higher camera pixel count. Upon close comparative scrutiny with the Samsung Galaxy S3, I find that the Sony Xperia Z loses slightly in the area of shadow details and sharpness. Under harsh lighting, the camera exhibits colour aberration (i.e. purple fringing). But as long as you do not scrutinise the images under high amplification, the images are highly usable with rather accurate colour capture.

The app is also thwarted by slow startup that made me miss some important shooting moments, and shutter lag caused by re-focusing during every shot.

But I like the ability to shoot either still image or video from the same screen, without having to change modes. The camera also displays previously shot images in small thumbnails which you can either collapse or long-press to manage the images.

It's a Sony
Sony Xperia Z is an engineering feat. You will never imagine it to be water resistant of up to 1 metre, and yet still look so gorgeous. You could never tell its display is a full HD 1920x1080 resolution, with every image appearing sharp and natural. Its skinned UI is sleek and beautifully animated and designed. There are plenty of Sony-proprietary features to improve user experience, like integration with PlayStation, content mirroring, downloadable Small Apps that run as floating windows. Indeed, the Xperia Z has the Sony DNA imprinted in every inch of the device, and I think that is a very good thing. There are areas that make me like the Xperia Z less, but on the whole it is a beautiful smartphone to use. Based on market sentiments, Sony has delivered a desirable Android smartphone that will find its way into the hands - and the hearts - of the masses.