26 March 2013 08:00 | By Chris Rees
Worst ever car names

Most of the good names are taken. It’s a problem for car makers and it can lead to cars called silly stuff like this…

The worst car names ever (© Kia)
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Kia decided to call its star concept car for the Geneva Motor Show 2013 the provo. This might have gone down well in Seoul but the name has unfortunate connotations in Britain and Northern Ireland where it was widely known shorthand for the Provisional IRA.

A Kia spokesman said: “There was absolutely no intention to cause offence. The name comes from 'provoke' – as in provoking a reaction.”

It’s another fine example of how car names can become lost in translation and it’s by no means the first time this has happened.    

In this gallery we toast those talented car brands that, despite the millions of dollars spent on making sure their names are appealing, legal, honest and decent, still manage to get it spectacularly wrong.


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