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The best and worst cars for a first date

The worst cars for a date: Smart Crossblade

The worst cars for a date: Smart Crossblade (© Smart)
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The worst cars for a date

Getting ready for a date is all part of the ritual. While some gentlemen will settle for a swift wipe down with a damp flannel, there are members of both sexes who’ll happily let their date prep run into hours. Having spent such a long time making sure you look a million dollars, the last thing you want is to be picked up in a car which guarantees that on arrival you’ll resemble a drunken scarecrow.  The Smart Crossblade is that car.  

We all know that convertibles can play havoc with a painstakingly prepared hairdo but at least you can put the roof up. The Crossblade has no roof and, just so your best clothes don’t escape the worst that the elements have to offer, no sides either. It’s fine for a summer scoot along the French Riviera, not for a sodden February slog to Pizza Express. SW


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