20 July 2011 16:57 | By Danny Cobbs, contributor, MSN Cars
The greatest rocket-powered cars


Bloodhound (© Bloodhound)
  • Bloodhound (© Bloodhound)
  • Blue Flame (© Blue Flame)
  • Chrysler Turbine Car (© Chrysler)
  • Fiat Turbina (© Fiat)
  • Jet powered fire truck (© Patrick Davidson)
  • General Motors Firebird lll (© GM)
  • The Green Monster (© Art Arfons)
  • Jaguar C-X75 (© Jaguar)
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The theory for jet cars is fairly simple: find a donor vehicle and then shoehorn a jet engine into it. The practicalities to driving one are, as Richard Hammond infamously found out, a little more problematical. These are some of the best...

Construction of the £10million British Bloodhound should be completed by the end of this year. If all goes according to plan, then Andy Green intends to pilot this jet engine pencil-shaped car beyond the 1,000mph mark - that's faster than a bullet. Success would mean the land speed record being beaten by the biggest margin, ever.


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