01 July 2014 23:30 | By Andrew Brady, contributor, Ed Soluk
Chill out: Coolest truck ever made of ice

Canadian company makes a pick-up out of ice in a bid to show off its batteries

Chill out: coolest truck ever made of ice (© Canadian Tire)
  • Chill out: coolest truck ever made of ice (© Canadian Tire)
  • Who made the ice truck? (© Canadian Tire)
  • What happens in the advert featuring the ice truck? (© Canadian Tire)
  • How was the Canadian ice truck made? (© Canadian Tire)
  • How did they stop the ice truck from melting? (© Canadian Tire)
  • Has the ice truck set a Guinness world record? (© Canadian Tire)
  • How much does the ice truck weigh? (© Canadian Tire)
  • How detailed were the ice sculptors? (© Canadian Tire)
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Just as humans find it difficult getting out of bed on a cold morning, cars often don’t like starting when temperatures are below freezing. Not only is there more pressure on car batteries in the winter as we rely on them for heating and lighting, but they also struggle to hold their charge.

So, in a bid to prove that their batteries are unbeatable in the cold, a Canadian company built a pick-up truck out of ice.

Please click the image above to read more about the coolest truck ever

Jul 2, 2014 10:39PM
it's just for display.. no way they would let the engine run in it. it would melt the whole car
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