01 November 2012 12:00 | By Steve Walker
Bond cars on a budget

Drive a lesser-known James Bond car for less

Drive a lesser-known James Bond car for less (© Rex)
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Skyfall reminds us that James Bond is the textbook man who men want to be like and women want to be with. Unfortunately for us chaps, being like James Bond involves hot-footing it around the world dispatching a never-ending stream of swarthy baddies who are hell bent on shooting you, stabbing you or dangling you over a crocodile pit.

It all sounds highly stressful and the prospect of driving a car like James Bond looks just as improbable as living the lifestyle. Especially when you consider that even this 1/3 scale model of 007's famous Aston Martin DB5 fetched S$121,000 at auction - presumably sold to an 8" tall Sean Connery look-a-like.

Bond typically ends up driving a supercar that was astronomically expensive even before the Secret Service boffins equipped it with revolving number-plates, rocket launchers and ejector seats but depreciation can be a wonderful thing. Some of the great man's not-so-famous rides are now available for vaguely sensible money on the used market.

If you really want to imitate Daniel Craig on the cheap, rent a tuxedo, fix yourself a (non-alcoholic) Martini and slide behind the wheel of one of these lesser-known budget Bond cars...


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