27 October 2013 14:00 | By Chris Rees, contributor
100hp per litre heroes: The non-turbo fast car club

Think the turbo has taken over? These normally aspirated performance cars will change your mind

The 100hp per litre club (© Ferrari)
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A mere 30 years ago, the turbocharger was a real novelty. Today, turbos are taking over the world. Insiders say that by 2015 as many as 80% of petrol engines and 99% of diesel engines will be turbocharged.

It’s easy to see why. To achieve high power and low emissions, turbocharging is the route to take. With Ford’s EcoBoost engine delivering an easy 125PS from just 1.0 litres, it’s clear turbos have won the day.

Here’s more evidence: the final bastions of the non-turbo engine, BMW and Honda, have finally given in. BMW is now bolting turbos to its M5 engine, while the next Civic Type R is going to be turbocharged too.

So is this the end of the era of naturally aspirated (non-turbo) engines? Maybe not. In fact there are still lots of cars in the 100PS-per-litre club, many with far better power-per-litre ratios.

So is there a future for high-powered naturally aspirated engines with their instantaneous throttle response?  These 17 cars prove there is…


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