19 May 2014 13:15 | By Dan Sung, Ed Soluk
Upcycling gadgets: Best uses for your old laptops, phones and more

From obsolete to OMG - don't let good tech go to waste

upcycled PC (© alertra.com)
  • upcycled PC (© alertra.com)
  • laptop cinema (© Photosof.org)
  • kitchen tablet (© conrad)
  • compact webcam (© Claudio Matsuoka)
  • Flip camera mount (© Amazon)
  • bedside blackberry (© Leo Fung)
  • iPhone remote control (© Gear4)
  • Kindle app (© bfishadow)
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Whether it’s tough economic times, a more conscientious attitude to landfill or the fact that we’re simply getting through more stuff than ever before, upcycling is big and it’s not just something people do with clothing to sell on Etsy. Upcycling, for those unfamiliar with the term, is all about converting the old and useless into the reinvented and better. It’s the processes of using your creative skills to breathe new and alternative life into what has become broken, damaged or obsolete, and today we’re going to tell you how you can upcycle your old gadgets.

So, fling open the doors to your closets, drag those bits and pieces from under the bed and bring boxes down from the loft. Whether you’ve got old laptops, desktops, mobile phones, cameras, printers or any other collection of circuit boards and transistors sitting around unused, it’s time to dust them off and get upcycling.

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