Top iPhone apps: Sonic Dash, Audi 3D Player

Top iPhone apps: Sonic Dash, Audi 3D Player

01.   US
Sonic Dash
The popular paid app Sonic Dash is now free on the iTunes Store. Players of the app take the role of popular video game character Sonic the Hedgehog, helping him run, jump, and slide under increasingly difficult objects as he sprints his way through a variety of richly detailed worlds.

02.   UK
Sonic Dash
See ‘Sonic Dash'

03.   France
Audio-3D Player HD
This application transforms your headphones into speakers of a much higher quality to create a 3D style sound experience.

04.   Canada
Mahjong Elements
This application brings the ancient game of Mahjong into your iPhone. The app features elaborately designed backgrounds in the style of ancient Chinese artwork and, according to the developers, contains over 50 hours of game play.

05.   Japan
Translated into English as "Line Wind Runner," this application takes players into a fantasy world fraught with danger that they must successfully and safely traverse.

06.   Australia
Sonic Dash
See ‘Sonic Dash'

07.   Germany
Diamond Dash
This fast-paced game challenges players to match together as many sets of diamonds of the same color as possible within 60 seconds. Players can compete against their friends as well as against the clock thanks to Facebook intergration.

08.   China
我叫MT Online (games)
Players of this app, translated as "My Name Is MT," participate in an MMO World of Warcraft-style multiplayer game, battling hordes of enemies and saving friends.

09.   Italy
Foolproof Art Studio for iPhone
(photo and video)
This creative app is free for a limited time only. The app enables users to create works of art from their snaps, transforming them into the style of paintings, adding in effects such as brushstrokes and altering aspects of the image such as contrast.

10.   Korea
밀리언아서 (games)
This app, which can be loosely translated into English as "Million Arthur," is an MMO fantasy adventure game.