The Swiss Army Knife of personal computing

The Swiss Army Knife of personal computing

A tablet, notebook PC and desktop all in one, this pocket-sized marvel, which is currently trying to become a mass production reality via Indiegogo, can even serve as a games console or TV set-top box.

The base device looks like a black, minimalist brick. It measures just 123.8 x 58.6 x 8.8 mm and weighs in at 100g. Yet inside it contains an Intel quad-core processor, a 720p camera, and the same gyroscope and accelerometers you’d find in a smartphone.

The neat trick is that this little brick is essentially the hub into which other peripheral pieces are docked, thus physically changing it into a desktop, notebook or tablet.

Even smarter too is that building devices like this cuts down waste. It also means that the whole thing should never go out of date: simply upgrade one of the peripherals.

If this sounds a little far-fetched then look no further than Motorola and ZTE -- both companies are currently working on launching modular smartphones for this very same reason.

The gadget’s creators, ICE Computer, needs to raise $300,000 in order to enable mass production but stresses that it has developed fully functioning prototypes of each element. To tempt backers to take a chance on the diminutive device, early-bird pledges of $369 will nab an xPC unit complete with Windows operating system, while for $549 initial backers will be able to get a pocket PC plus a tablet screen.