04 May 2012 10:21 | By Verity Burns
Samsung Galaxy S3 preview - hands on

Samsung Galaxy S3 - design

Samsung Galaxy S3 (© MSN)
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We much prefer the Galaxy S3 design to that of its predecessor. It's still has a plastic shell, which keeps the weight down to 133g, but it has a more premium finish, dropping the textured back of the S2 for a smoother design. That's not to say we wouldn't prefer (and had hoped) to see an HTC-esque brushed aluminium shell, but maybe that's something for the S4...

After all those rumours, the physical home button remains, with a single touch-sensitive control either side for back and recent apps that illuminate when touched then fade away. We have to say, we're glad Samsung did this - making everything touch sensitive would've seemed a little unnecessary. It doesn't interrupt the design at all, and feels good under the thumb.

The S III is available in Pebble Blue or Marble White - it'll be a matter of taste as to which you prefer, but we'd opt for the blue, at a push. It just looks a little more premium and a little less plasticky.

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