Relaxnews app selection:, Virtual Running, Kitchen Knife Skills

Relaxnews app selection:, Virtual Running, Kitchen Knife Skills

Count everything (productivity)
This aesthetically pleasing app allows users to count and keep track of anything and everything from coffees consumed to books read and then see the statistic charted in graphic form.
$0.99: iOS

Transmit messages in emergency situations
v.SOS (health & fitness)
While it's not brand new, the app v.SOS got a lot of attention when Sandy disrupted life for millions. The app lets a user send an SMS or email to up to five contacts that he or she has identified in a profile. To operate simply hold the v.SOS button for three seconds.
Free: iOS / Android

Bounce with robots
Super Tiny Leap (games)
This game is a Doodle Jump variation where the player has to place blocks for the main character to bounce off during their ascent. One of the modes, Binary Mode, is especially manic, giving the user two of these bouncing robots to look after, like a game of pinball where there is more than one ball on the table at once.
Free: iOS

Sharpen up in the kitchen
Kitchen Knife Skills
(food and drink)
This app offers cooks tips, HD video tutorials, and step-by-step illustrations for cutting all manner of food including some tricky ones. Also includes advice for choosing what kinds of knives to buy.
$4.99: iOS

Turn your treadmill run into a scenic course
Virtual Running (health and fitness)
For anyone who finds running on a treadmill too boring, this app can take you on a virtual run through New York's Central Park, through a forest or along The Great Barrier Reef. The app provides imagery through a runner's point of view and follows the user's pacing -- speeding up and slowing down when they do.
$9.99 (one course included with additional courses to purchase) iOS

Impress your friends with wacky, amazing trivia
Weird But True
This fun iPhone application from National Geographic is based on the children's version of National Geographic magazine and provides thousands of weird facts to interest and amaze children -- the higher they set the app's "Weird meter" the stranger the fact revealed.
$1.99: iOS

Blog on the run
Tumblr (social networking)
The latest update to the Tumblr application allows users simplified posting of images, video and text on the famous creative platform. Users can manage multiple blogs, save drafts and schedule posts. The app enables users to consult and answer messages and quickly access the camera. Includes an offline mode.
Free: iOS / Android

Go on a style odyssey
Moving Six
(photo and video)
This app offers users highlight from the archives of a magazine called Six, put out between 1988 and 1991 by Japanese fashion brand Comme des Garçons. The app has been praised for its stylish combination of visual and audio content.