08 August 2014 22:45 | By Jamie Carter, Ed Soluk
Colourful tech to brighten up your life

Colour-conscious gadgets

iPhone 5C (© Apple)
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Have you got your hands on a bright yellow iPhone 5c? Nowadays, a gadget available in only black or white has little chance of catching-on. The yellow, green, blue and red iPhone 5c exist for a reason, as do Samsung's rainbow-coloured range of S4 smartphones. Those, and zillions of others of gadgets, are cashing-in on a new penchant for colour, but why?

Is it that we're now a cheerier, more imaginative bunch after something more creative-looking? Are we all desperately seeking gadgets that help us express our individuality, quietly ignoring the fact they're mostly mass-produced on production lines in China? Or does the previously mostly monied gadget-buying audience now extend to a younger generation? We suspect the latter, since the makers of perhaps the priciest gadget for the home – the flatscreen TV – persist in marketing their creations in whatever colour the market wants.

As long as it's black. For everything else, there's a choice of colours just waiting to for you to match your zany, devil-may-care personality to. Now, who wants to sell us a gold iPhone 5s?

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