Depending on your operating system you can install our new Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Which version of Internet Explorer?
Which version of Internet Explorer you install is largely dependent on your operating system. We guide you through the best options.

Which version should I get?
Windows 7 and Vista users can download the latest Beta version of Windows Internet Explorer 9 today. For those of you still running the antiquated Internet Explorer 6 it's high-time you upgrade and get your browser bang up-to-date.

I'm using Windows 7
If you're a user of Microsoft's latest operating system you will be able to take advantage of all of the new features and enhanced performance offered by Internet Explorer 9.

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I'm using Windows Vista

Like Windows 7 you will also be able to download Internet Explorer 9.

Alternatively you can choose to install Internet Explorer 8 as this is supported.

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Download Internet Explorer 8

I'm using Windows xp

Many Windows xp users will probably still be running Internet Explorer 6 and in this case you are limited in your browser options. The best choice for you will be to download Internet Explorer 8.

Internet Explorer 8 offers you many benefits over IE6 and will also help to prevent your computer from vulnerabilities and sophisticated virus/malware attacks.

Microsoft released the last update for Internet Explorer 6 in 2008. It will continue to support the browser until 2014 when it will be discontinued.

Download Internet Explorer 8

Editor recommendations

For the best internet experience you should always run the latest software. And if your computer can handle it, why not download Internet Explorer 9 and take it for a spin? If not we urge you to at least upgrade your browser to version 8 as this will more-than adequately protect you from the perils of the world-wide-web and provide you with an enjoyable internet experience.

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