Best of 2012: 5 Most Luxurious Cars of 2012

2012 has seen plenty of new cars, but to round up the year, we've pulled together our five favourites from the last 12 months, starting with the most recent release. The new year is always a great time for change, and if you've thinking of moving on from your current car, this list of LifestyleAsia Singapore's 2012 favourites might just give you that final push you need. One of these could even be a Christmas present to yourself, if you've got enough spare change laying about.

1. McLaren 12C Spider

The convertible was made available for viewing just two weeks ago at the McLaren Singapore showroom.

The newest and most budget-busting of our top five is the stunning 12C Spider from McLaren. Starting at a hefty S$943,500, before COE and additional options, the 12C Spider was recently available for order from McLaren retailers across the globe. The spotlight turned to the stunning second model fully developed by McLaren Automotive, and is a luxury convertible that promises a unique combination of spectacular performance with remarkable usability. At heart, the 12C Spider runs with the essence of a race car, yet it transforms easily into a high performance roadster with just the flick of a switch. There was no doubt that this beauty was making our top five this year.

2. Audi S7 Sportback

Wireless hotspot connectivity and Google Maps integration were just some of the many draws of the Audi S7 Sportback.

The latest arrival to the Audi S family this year was the Audi S7 Sportback. It may not have been as groundbreaking as the futuristic Audi RSQ in I, Robot (we could dream), but the WLAN hotspot abilities of the S7 (which included an in-built Google Maps for navigation as well as wireless hotspot connectivity) were still pretty darn cool. High-end options of the S7 included driver-assistance systems like adaptive cruise control and a night vision assistant that highlights detected pedestrians, as well as an ambient lighting package. This one came in at a RRP of S$429,150.

3. BMW M6 Coupé

The BMW M6 Coupé is designed as a four-seater, and space in the rear compartment increased substantially compared with its predecessor model.

There's nothing quite like a sturdy well-built BMW. Following the release of the M6 Convertible earlier this year, the carbon fibre hard top M6 Coupé made its debut in the car market. One improvement we appreciated in this one was "greener" advances in the engine development; the M6 Coupe came with a greater fuel efficiency than its predecessor. We don't know about you, but improved fuel efficiency sounded like a pretty great bonus to us. The BMW M6 Coupé retailed at S$523,800 when it arrived, this package inclusive of 1st year road tax, number plates, registration fees and GST, and Certificate of Entitlement (COE). 

4. Ferrari California 30

The Ferrari California 30 came with wrapping options in an array of lively colours specially developed by the Ferrari Styling Center, including two-tone finishes, three-layer paint technology and modern re-interpretations of the car's classic colourways.

The 2012 Ferrari California 30 pulled into Singapore with a V8 engine that delivers 490 horsepower with a maximum torque of 505 Nm at 5,000 rpm. The ride came with an optional Handling Speciale package that minimized body roll and increased responsiveness to meet the needs of clients desiring a more dynamic, yet not overly extreme driving experience. It was an improvement from its predecessor, boasting a boost of engine power of 30hp to 490 hp, and a 30% lighter chassis. These enhancements allowed it to achieve outstanding performance, making the 0 to 100km/h sprint in an impressive 3.8 seconds, over the previous model's 4.0 seconds. The 2012 Ferrari California was priced starting at S$758,000 (without COE) when it arrived in July this year.

5. Porsche Panamera GTS

Not just another sports car, the Panamera GTS was built to fit the race circuits as well.

The last and dare-we-say never least Porsche Panamera GTS arrived equipped with a bunch of improvements and modifications, including a more powerful engine and increased torque. The improved chassis however, was one of the car's more impressive new features, designed to be particularly dynamic and agile, thus making the car fit even for the racing circuit. We thought that was impressive too -- a four-door sports car that's as suitable for the highways of ECP as it is for the Singapore Grand Prix. Even someone not into cars could appreciate a Porsche, and the Panamera GTS is a winning combination of sexy and sporty at first sight. Prices started from a cool S$473,888 when it arrived in April, inclusive of a five-year free maintenance and warranty program, market- specific equipment, GST but excluding COE.