The Birth of an Icon: The New Audi Centre Singapore is Now Open

It's hard to miss the massive structure that is the new Audi Centre Singapore as you drive down Leng Kee Road. Standing eight storeys above ground in a steely-grey sinuous aluminum cladding, the flagship store is a sight to behold. Much like how the flagship stores of luxury fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Prada have become structural icons in their own right, the Audi Centre Singapore is set to be one of Singapore's most recognizable landmarks next.

And there's more to the showroom than just its stunning good looks -- we find out what makes the new Audi Centre Singapore the brand's symbol of progressiveness and bold development.

The Audi Centre Singapore will open its doors to the public on 15 December 2012, serving as the Premium Automobile’s sole showroom facility in Singapore.

1. Audi Centre Singapore is the tallest Audi facility in the world with six different concepts

In total, the Audi Centre Singapore occupies a staggering 32,903 square feet (3,056.80 square metres) of space with eight storeys aboveground and three storeys underground, complete with six different identifying features – façade, entrance element, showroom concept, Audi curve, signage and exterior design. This makes it one of the largest-scale premises of a single automobile brand in Singapore; and the largest Audi showroom in Southeast Asia. In addition to two showroom levels to accommodate 35 display vehicles, the Audi Centre Singapore is also home to office spaces and workshop areas. 

2. The showroom was built despite numerous constraints 

Building a showroom as large as this -- and also the first ever high-rise Audi Terminal -- naturally came with its challenges. The architectural team behind the design of the building had to play with the facade, and "create offsets and double layers" to eventually create the curvaceous silhouette of the Audi Centre, which was then wrapped with an aluminium cladding. Its close proximity to the East-West MRT line was also another issue of concern during construction. But despite all the challenges, the Audi Centre Singapore was completed in all of its stunning entirety on time. 

More than just a good-looker, the Audi Centre Singapore is set to promise an exclusive Audi experience that will please owners and visitors alike.

3. It promises a whole new and impressive Audi experience, starting from the moment you hand over the keys to the valet

Impressive facade aside, it's the promised Audi experience that will leave the biggest impression on car owners and visitors. Audi owners who schedule a service appointment simply need to hand over their keys to the valet -- who will then drive the car via a specially-designed lift to the workshops located on levels five and six -- before they are invited to the Audi Cafe on B1 to enjoy a freshly-brewed cup of coffee over papers, surf the web, or catch up on email. 

Alternatively, they could head to the second level and marvel over the display of Audi vehicles, ranging from the Audi A1 hatch to the A8, on display in the main showroom, or relax and luxuriate in the high-performance sights in the Exclusive Lounge on fourth level. 

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Photo credit: MCS Lifestyle Photography