31 January 2014 14:30 | By Aaron Chong, assistant Tech editor
Tech companies immortalised on film

The top 8 films to feature the largest tech giants

Hatching Twitter (© Creative Commons/Flickr)
  • Hatching Twitter (© Creative Commons/Flickr)
  • The Social Network (Facebook) (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Jobs (Apple Inc.) (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Who Killed The Electric Car (General Motors) (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Pirates of Silicon Valley (Apple and Microsoft) (© Everett Collection/Rex Features)
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy (Wayne Enterprises) (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Iron Man Trilogy (Stark Industries) (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
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Hatching Twitter (Twitter)

On the surface, origin stories of how social networks and tech companies came to be might seem boring on film. However, throw in vicious spats and backstabbing, as well as sensual scenes and you get a commercial blockbuster.

In light of Facebook and Apple Inc’s beginnings that were immortalised in their respective films, “The Social Network” and “Jobs”, social networking site Twitter seems to be heading down the same Hollywood path. Written by tech journalist Nick Bilton, “Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship and Betrayal”, looks set be adapted in the near future as a television movie.

Click on as we list our favourite movies to feature the most prominent tech companies of our time.


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