Ferran Adrià's face graces limited edition Pepsi cans

Ferran Adrià's face graces limited edition Pepsi cans

As part of a two-day congress which wraps up Wednesday in Madrid dubbed “Being creative: A congress of brilliant minds,” the food and beverage giant has emblazoned Adrià’s face on the side of its Pepsi-Cola cans, one of six experts chosen for being leaders in their respective fields of gastronomy, science and technology.

Other figures participating at the event who grace pop cans include cartoon art and design studio Kukuxumusu creator Mikel Urmeneta, science writer Angela Posada-Swafford, scientist Nancy Segal, paleontologist Jack Horner and Dennis Hong, pioneering engineer of humanoid robots.

The conference brings together 21 international leaders tapped as the most imaginative and eminent in their fields,  to give 21-minute presentations -- the alleged time limit of the human attention span.

The limited edition set of cans are to be raffled on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Adrià has had a longstanding relationship with PepsiCo Spain as a food advisor and consultant.

In 2005, Adrià helped PepsiCo's Spanish Tropicana brand, Alvalle develop a range of chilled vegetable soups like gazpacho and Lay's Artesanas 100 percent olive oil potato chips.

Last year, the company recruited the Spanish chef -- whose now-shuttered El Bulli restaurant was named the best in the world five times by Restaurant magazine -- as a food consultant for the brand worldwide.

PepsiCo owns brands like Frito-Lay, Quaker, Tropicana and Gatorade.