12 June 2013 17:45 | By Esther Tan, xinmsn Tech & Gadgets
8 tips on how to make a viral video

How to create an internet blockbuster

Here's some tips on how you can make your very own viral video (© YouTube)
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There’s hardly a day when we don’t see a highly shareable video making its viral waves through social media platforms and news channels. From a middle-aged lady promoting her horse gallop-like exercise moves (pictured) to a nasty MRT flare-up between two strangers caught on camera, we are spoilt with a never-ending flow of free visual entertainment on a daily basis. Best of all, most of these videos we see are shot and posted by amateur videographers like us.

So what’s stopping you from attempting to make your own video and sharing it to see if it would take off? You won’t know until you try.

Here are our tips on how to make a clip that is worth a thousand and more shares.


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