17 May 2011 22:15 | By Emma Boyes
10 Facebook games better than FarmVille

Pixel Ranger

Pixel Ranger (© Metrogames)
  • CSI: Crime City (© Ubisoft)
  • Deep Realms (© Playdom)
  • Pixel Ranger (© Metrogames)
  • Crazy Planets (© Playfish)
  • Dragon Age: Legends (© Electronic Arts)
  • Legacy of a Thousand Suns (© 5th Planet Games)
  • Word Challenge (© Playfish)
  • Pirates Saga (© Can't Stop Games)
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A fabulously addictive game that's easy to dip into for a spare five minutes in between doing whatever it is you're really supposed to be doing. You move your character around with the keyboard and aim with the mouse, shooting at various nasties and collecting the ammo and goodies they drop.

You get bonuses for shooting more than one enemy at once and sometimes they drop cool stuff like extra lives and speed boosts. Once you run out of ammo it's game over. Later levels add tricky extras like moving platforms, bad guys that need multiple hits and enemies that have the audacity to actually shoot back.

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