24 January 2014 13:45 | By Matt Farrington Smith, contributor
Best video game soundtracks

A list of iconic computer game soundtracks and most memorable songs from video games of all time

Hands of music conductor (© Getty)
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When it comes to music in video games we've all got our favourites... from the blip, bleep and glitch days of early computer gaming to the sweeping, epic, orchestral manoeuvres of today's gaming behemoths - one constant remains, they're all as catchy as hell!

With budgets for video games now rivalling those of the movie world, some developers go all out to ensure that the soundtrack is just as blockbusting as the gameplay. A good soundtrack can also make or break a game, and in some cases the music IS the gameplay and rightfully takes center stage. Clear your mind of the hideous rhythm-based games that have graced our consoles in recent years and instead feast your ears on indie-favourite 'Beatbuddy' - a new hope that is vying to change that landscape forever.

Strap your headphones on and come with us on an adventure of audio nostalgia.

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