First 'Total War: Rome 2' dev diary takes in Carthage

First 'Total War: Rome 2' dev diary takes in Carthage

"At the time, Carthage was a major trading sea power," explains Mike Simpson, Creative Director. "On the one hand, you've got to be faithful to what the place was actually like. But on the other hand, it has to fit into the context of the game."

And in comparison to previous games in the Total War series, Rome 2 has "a lot more going on, there's more to see, more terrain to cover."

As a result, the team has decided to include a birds' eye, tactical view of proceedings.

"It really helps you keep track of where things are -- where you are, where the enemy is."

Creative Assembly's Total War: Rome II is expected October 2013, around the same time as another PC game in the historical strategy genre, also from a European developer, Europa Universalis IV.

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